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Beat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) This Fall and Winter With Clean Windows!

"What? That is crazy!" You may think to yourself, "how can clean windows make me happy?" Keep Reading...

We know about the countless studies that prove sunlight helps with energy and our mood. Sunlight provides Vitamin D. It just makes you feel happy! We have less sunlight in the winter, our energy lowers, we feel a little blue and just want to eat and snack on whatever is in the house.

So what are some cost effective practical things you can do in your house to keep your energy levels up this winter?

Keep your house bright!!!

1) Change up those dark heavy curtains for some light, bright curtains that allows the sun to shine through.

2) Get your windows cleaned! Let face it, when your windows are clean you actually want to open your curtains. Open curtains and clean windows will allow that natural sunlight to brighten your home. Is winter window cleaning a thing? Yes! Your windows get the dirtiest in winter. Many customers get an exterior window washing during the winter.

3) Open a window! Let that cool fresh air enter your bright sunny home at least for a few minutes.

Follow these tips this fall and winter as they will help you beat those winter blues!

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