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Getting ready for Spring Cleaning

For a day now we have been in Spring. It is amazing how time flies. The snow is melting and the new season is in the air.

Often Spring means more rain. It is not unusual that increased rainfall leads to water pouring over the gutter and splashing against the house and sometimes even getting into the basement. Stay ahead of problems of this kind by getting your gutters cleaned. Do you have a clogged gutter? This can be a mystery to solve. Leave it to the experts at Selden's Window Cleaning. Let us take care of your gutter issues so that you don't need to get up on the ladder yourself. Oh yeah, and don't worry we won't leave a mess behind either. We are extremely safety diligent and are fully insured to do this type of work. This means that all around, you will have no worries and no problems when it comes to your gutter system.

The weather is unpredictable and when the sunny days hit, you will likely find yourself enjoying a cup of coffee, gazing out your kitchen window. Yet, what's that? Dirt and spots on your glass! They are obstructing your beautiful view. No problem, give you friends at Selden's Window Cleaning a call. We will be happy to get things crystal clear again! No hassle, no funny business, straight forward pricing. Your view will be just the way you want it in no time.

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